Busy CEO’s, Presidents and Executive Directors, tell us they want an accounting partner who will help them solve problems, and not merely provide them with basic accounting services.

Welcome to your “On-the-go”, “Wherever you are” better financial information SOLUTION!

GuideServe provides professional, cloud-based accounting and financial management SOLUTIONS to NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS.

Tired of paying for simple bookkeeping with no real expertise, or accounting services that don’t provide you with the practical advice you need to help solve your important challenges…Look no further. GuideServe strives to provide SOLUTIONS, not basic bookkeeping or accounting services to NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS.

Our SOLUTIONS give you better information and control, less risk, and a partner with the expertise you need to rest easy knowing someone is watching out for you.

 GuideServe is all about freeing you up to spend your time accomplishing your mission while we help you solve challenges and take care of the back office.

 As an organization, we strive to achieve the following core principles everyday:

  • Do right in the sight of God and people;
  • Value and respect every person;
  • Delight our clients by providing excellent SOLUTIONS;
  • Serve our fellow employees, and
  • Have fun doing all of the above!


GuideServe® is not a CPA Firm.

Where required, GuideServe® public accounting services provided through an agreement with Bianchi Financial Solutions, LLC (a CPA firm).

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