“The GuideServe team takes care of all of the financial details so I can focus on our mission.”
— A Satisfied GuideServe Client (name withheld for security)

You can rest easy knowing the professionals at GuideServe are taking care of all of the details.

The GuideServe professional accounting solution is designed to address your accounting needs; improve internal controls and accountability of the accounting process, provide timely, accurate and useful financial information, and allow you to focus your time and resources on your true mission.

The GuideServe solution is scalable and designed to meet your accounting needs as your organization grows. Our scalability will allow you to focus the gifts and talents of your personnel on your true calling without unnecessary administrative distractions, while we do the same with our gifts and talents. We can work with your existing staff, or we can become your accounting department in the absence of internal staff.

GuideServe handles your accounting books and records on a day-to-day basis using a cloud-based system that provides you with anytime anywhere access. We utilize innovative cloud-based technology to maintain your general ledger, prepare reconciliations, create your financial reports and dashboards, facilitate cash disbursements, process payroll and related filings, process expense reports, post revenue and record other journal entries as needed.

Each and every week your dedicated accounting solutions team will ensure that your financial information is kept up to date and will conduct periodic online or telephone meetings to ensure that all questions are answered and any accounting issues are resolved. 

Our expert staff can handle everything from day-to-day transaction processing, through CFO and executive level management challenges.


Our Pricing Model

Our professional accounting solution is provided in a fixed fee service agreement with a no surprises guarantee. We don’t operate on the old school billable hour concept. We prefer to help you solve problems rather than wonder, “Is this call going to cost me anything more”.

We know you operate on a budget and the last thing you need is to receive an invoice with varying billable hours. We prefer to take on the time challenge rather than have you wonder how much something will cost. This is what you would expect from your internal accounting department and we seek to function in a very similar way

Need a problem solved, or have a question…No problem, just ask.

 If we can help we will gladly do so within your fixed fee arrangement. If for some reason your question or request is involves a significant amount of additional work outside the fixed fee arrangement, we will let you know if there is any additional cost BEFORE we get started.

GuideServe® is not a CPA Firm.

Where required, GuideServe® public accounting services provided through an agreement with Bianchi Financial Solutions, LLC (a CPA firm).

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